Every piece of this Ameriware Professional Cutlery is made of forged Damascus steel. Forged Damascus steel is as unique as a finger print. Forged Damascus steel, otherwise known as Pattern welded steel is not just great steel! It has actually become a way of life to many who have honed the art and craft of pattern welding into the science it has always been. Its origins can be traced back as far as 500 A.D.
Damascus swords and knives dominated the weapon industry from the Iron Age to the Viking age. While we are not going to tell you exactly how we forge our Damascus steel.

We will say the this unique method combines several layers of high quality steels with varying levels of carbon. These layers are then folded and forge welded together. The process is repeated several times until a large number of layers are achieved. Then the newly formed and forged steel is re-shaped for  knife making, and then etched so that  each of the custom pieces of the worlds finest cutlery have our unique and stunningly beautiful pattern. This pattern is as unique as your own fingerprint.

The Ameriware Professional Forged Damascus line is in a class of it's own. We feature 67 layers of some of the very finest steel available with a unique and high carbon core forged into an unparalleled  toughness and hardened to perfection with real edge holding ability. Additionally the flexibility is almost unbelievable. Our handles are beautifully crafted from black Pakkawood. While all of our components that make up each piece of Ameriware Professional cutlery are in fact dishwasher safe, we recommend you treat them like the truly fine tools they are only hand wash them.   We urge you to try it for  yourself.

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